I shot RAW, now what?

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I shot RAW, now what? Empty I shot RAW, now what?

Post  rohape on Tue May 05, 2009 10:53 pm

Depending on your camera make your RAW file will be a .crw or .dng. (See my Photography Abbreviations thread under Tutorials for abbreviations in this post)
You will need a program that will open this file. Adobe Photoshop has ACR. Your camera should have RAW conversion software with it.
Using one of the programs to open a RAW file, open it. Make any adjustments you want or just click done. ("click done" as a general term to finish using your editing program)
If using ACR it will open Photoshop.
Save your picture as .jpg or other preferred format.

If you want others to see your actual RAW file, as of right now, you will have to "host" on a site that provides file hosting abilities. I use www.mediafire.com.
Good Luck! Very Happy

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